Traditions wants to make your event extraordinary and memorable for both you and all of your guests.

Here at Traditions, we have enjoyed providing the service of catering for all types of events, from luncheons to dinner parties, weddings, and everything in between. Each event is unique and special, and we love being able to be a part it.

Sarah Barham, the owner, became a caterer before she even realized it. She started to receive calls for assistance with fundraisers for her kids' school, and then for dinner parties and other events.  After a few years, her business grew to become “Susie’s Cakes and Catering.”

As time went on, business began to grow right before her eyes.  About 5 years ago, her daughter, Jessica Barham, began to consider catering as a serious career interest.  Sarah and Jessica decided to be partners. 

They renamed the business “Traditions.” Traditions takes the traditional southern way of cooking and combines it with years of experience and hospitality, and  presents and defines the meaning of catering and how we view our business.

Catering is not just food on a platter;  it is the service, quality, presentation, and the overall experience. Traditions provides you with all of these qualities to ensure that your event is both extraordinary and memorable.

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